Still Baa-bling on…

I think I have now just about recovered from Shetland Wool Week although it has taken a while!  This year Ella Gordon‘s lovely Crofthoose hat was the official hat for the event; last year it was the Baa-ble hat and I still often get asked where to get it.

It can be downloaded from Ravelry for a small fee (the pattern was free while it was the official hat).



The hat pattern is written for one size (average sized adult) but I have written instructions of how to adapt the pattern for children (bairns as we call them in Scotland!).  You can find those instructions here.  The hat is knitted in a fairly tight gauge (to keep those northern winds out) and some people have had trouble getting the required gauge.  You can also use these instructions to make your hat a bit smaller.

But remember  – it is very important to do a gauge swatch (for all patterns I might add).  I am as guilty as anyone of not doing one especially with something as small as a hat – but I have seen several people complaining their hat has turned to too big but its not if you knit it at the gauge written in the pattern.


Different sizes of Baa-ble hats

It has been such an amazing experience seeing so many of you knitting the Baa-ble hat – as I am writing this there are an incredible 5807 projects on Ravelry!  Last year it was amazing to see the hats being made for attendees to wear at festivals such as the Rhinebeck festival which incidentally takes place in New York State this weekend.

All I can say is THANK YOU for knitting!

I am eventually finding the time to work on a range of matching accessories and other Baa-ble inspired patterns – look out for a cowl and mittens patterns coming very soon…



One thought on “Still Baa-bling on…

  1. Hi Donna. I bought your baa – ble hat design through paypal but have not received the design. The wool has now arrived and I would like to make a start. Could you please advise how I can get the design? Thank you. Lilia


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