The Good Years Hat

It’s a while since I wrote my last blog post, the summer holidays now seem like months ago and I am trying to get into a new routine with the boy being at school now for full days.  It seems very strange but I have lots of projects on the cards and I have just released my latest pattern this morning, The Good Years Hat.


It uses a repeated zig zag pattern that forms a very satisfying star at the crown due to the zig zags converging into the centre.

Anyone who has knitted the Shallmillens Snood will notice that the zig zag repeat is the same as one of the sections, so you could knit it to match.


I have knitted it in black and cream to match the snood but it would look great in many different colour options.

While I was knitting the crown I was listening to music, I have a selection of songs on shuffle in a playlist.  “The Good Years” by Karine Polwart came on and I pressed repeat several times (as I do sometimes much to the annoyance of others).  The opening line is “Wherever you are, you shall be my Star”.   I decided that the hat had to be named after that song.  I have had the pleasure of meeting Karine several times, her music is among the best you will ever hear in my opinion and she is a lovely person too.

You can find out more about Karine’s music here.

To purchase The Good Years Hat you can do so on Ravelry here.

It’s only a week until Shetland Wool Week starts so its getting very exciting around here!



One thought on “The Good Years Hat

  1. What a marvelous hat!! Which I will be adding to my pattern library. It goes so well with your cowl. Have a great time at Shetland Wool Week.


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