Rust Brake Cowl

My least favourite part of any project is finishing it off, sewing in the ends and dressing (blocking) it.  Someone once said it was because you have enjoyed making something and you are reluctant to stop making it.  That could be true since its not that I don’t like what I finish; for me, the planning and casting on is the exciting part.

DSC04080 (2)

This was certainly the case with the Brake Cowl I knitted last year.  It was made in a lovely Bluefaced Leicester sock wool from Eden Cottage Yarns.  The yarn is soft, and dyed in a deep rich colour with a distinct sheen.  I bought it in Kathy’s Knits during a short trip to Edinburgh last year. I was in the shop and held the skien up to my face;  I said “I have to have this” to my friend just as a stranger walked into the shop.  The stranger said straightway, “Yes you do” and that was it – the skein was purchased!

It is lovely and soft to work with and is a dream to wear next to the skin.  The only problem was that while I was knitting it I unusually dropped a few stitches and they went right to the bottom.  Compared to Shetland yarn (which is what I nearly always use) it is very smooth and slippery, when a stitch came off the needle, instead of just sitting there waiting to be picked up again like Shetland yarn would, I could swear I heard a “pop” and the stitch had disappeared down several rows.   I don’t know about you, but I find even the simplest lace patterns can be very tricky to fix properly.

The first time I heard about using a lifelife in knitting, was from Loritimesfive on Instagram but had never used but in this project it certainly was beneficial.

It looks as if I have been sitting on my needles in this photo below!

DSC03023 (2)

DSC03021 (2)

Using a non-sticky yarn in a similar weight to what you are using and in a contrast colour, run a thread through stiches on the needle.  I removed the thread and ran it in at the end of every pattern repeat

DSC04073 (2)

DSC04085 (2)

The pattern for the Brake Cowl is free and it is now available to download from my Ravelry store.  The pattern is a simple lace horse shoe pattern that is repeated and is knitted in the round so there are no purl rows (hooray!). Please note the pattern is written instructions only but you could easily make your own chart if that is what you prefer.

Loritimesfive can be found on her website here and on Instagram here, please check out her work, her photos are truly amazing, she is truly inspirational, and a lovely person too!

Happy Knitting!




3 thoughts on “Rust Brake Cowl

  1. Oh my goodness Donna, thank you so much for this gorgeous pattern (wishing for that yarn too!) and for such kind words. I can’t wait to start this cowl! Xo


  2. hello donna, i’m not sure if my comment was received since i made it on my phone! i wanted to be sure to thank you for this, i’m casting on today for a friend! and thanking you so much for such kind words. i hope you are having a wonderful day! xx


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